Thursday, June 16, 2011

Altered Notebooks

A really fun, simple project. You can use any size notebook and Stampin Up Designer Series Paper comes in so many great designs and colors you can find something for any occasion.

This is a collection of altered notebooks that I made. This tutorial is for a small one like the yellow and orange in the center of the photo but can easily be adapted to any other spiral notebook.

Cut a piece of Designer Series Paper slightly larger than the notebook cover. Here I am using Paisley Petals, a new product available July 1. You can see more designs in this collection on my blog, Mary's Tales.

I like using these little notebooks because of the hole punched in the center. You'll see why later.

Carefully remove a sheet of paper from the notebook, trying to keep the little tabs intact.

Turn the DSP face down and place the notebook paper along one edge. Mark the center of each circle, including the center hole.

Using the 1/16th inch circle punch, make a hole on each mark. These do not have to be perfectly centered but you want them close.

Here you can see the row of holes with the one below in the center.

Using scissors or paper snips, cut from the edge to each circle in the row. DO NOT CUT TO THE SINGLE HOLE BELOW THE ROW.

Add a small amount of Tombow liquid adhesive around the holes.

Lay on the spiral ring, lining up the first hole, and press through using a stylus or the paper piercing tool.

Continue across then go back and press the little tabs down firmly. There will be some glue on the wires which you can wipe off with a wet cloth or a baby wipe.

Add Tombow liquid glue to the notebook front and smooth the paper onto the notebook.

This is what it looks like from the back side.

Trim the edges. I have noticed the notebooks are not necessarily curved the same on both corners.
To tie a simple bow, cut a piece of ribbon or seam binding 3 to 4 times the width of the notebook. I am using the Cherry Cobbler seam binding (So happy they have carried that over into the new catalog.) Lay the ribbon on the front of the notebook, centered over the hole (This is where you see why I like the hole punched in the center of the notebook)

Wrap the ends of the ribbon to the back of the cover and push both ends through the hole punched earlier.

Continue pulling through the hole, keeping the ribbon from twisting. Pull it until snug around the cover. You may need to work with it a little to get it untwisted and smooth.

Another view from the inside cover.

On the front, pull the ends apart so that they are on either side of the ribbon. Tie a single knot, trim as desired. Decorate the notebookcover as desired.

I made this layered flower using some of the colors in the paper.

Here is my finished little notebook - who wouldn't be pleased to receivethis as a thank you gift or 'pick me up'.

If you try the altered notebook, please post a link so I can see your ideas too.

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