Saturday, October 8, 2011

Bride and Groom Hearts

One of my favorite 'punch art' designs is the bride and groom hearts. I have at least 3 wedding scrapbook pages to do for our church and also a mini scrapbook to make for a co-worker. I made a bunch of these heart couples to embellish them.
So - thought I would do a tutorial for anyone else wanting to make some.

Here is my work area - look at all those hearts. To make your hearts you will need -
Large Heart Punch
Card stock in Whisper White, Basic Black (can also use Basic Gray or Designer paper in Black or Gray)
Embossing folder - I used Elegant Lines
Frost White shimmer paint and sponge
Adhesive of your choice - mini glue dots are a must!
1/4 inch taffeta ribbon in Basic Black

I will start with the Groom heart - you will need one black and one white heart.

Take the black heart and cut down about halfway from the top along the center. This is to make the opening for the jacket.

About 1/4 inch over cut at an angle to meet the end of the first cut in the center.
Save the piece you just cut off.

To make both sides fairly close to the same, lay the small piece you cut off on the other half of the heart and cut again. Save both small pieces - you will use them as the lapels on the jacket.

Lay the lapels on the work area, making sure you have them reversed. Apply adhesive to them. I used Tombow liquid glue for this.

I usually let my Tombow glue dry a little bit before putting the pieces together. Once it starts to dry a little it gets very sticky and you can just press it together and don't have to hold it until it sets. Works very well.

Apply the small pieces to the front of the heart along the opening - cute little lapels.

You will use the white heart to make the shirt. If you are wanting a bowtie you can continue but if you prefer a necktie style, skip below and add your tie before gluing the hearts together.

Glue the black jacket onto the white heart. If any white shows around the edges, trim it away carefully.

Tie a small knot in the taffeta ribbon and trim down to make the bowtie.

Use a mini glue dot to attach the ribbon to the shirt top. I usually roll the glue dot up between my fingers to make it narrow enough so it is not seen behind the ribbon.
Add a couple jewels - I used rhinestones - to make some buttons. You could also use the mini silver brads.

NECKTIE - If you prefer a necktie rather than the bowtie, once you have tied the knot in the ribbon take one end and attach it to the back of the white heart just so the knot is above the V.

Here you are looking at the front of the heart.
Pull the ribbon around to the front and attach near the bottom of the heart. You don't want the adhesive showing through the jacket opening. Adhere the jacket to the white heart making sure the necktie knot is in the opening.

Now - on to the Bride (ironically the Bride heart takes much less time and work than the Groom. Not so with the real thing :-)

The bride will take 2 white hearts. Emboss one with the embossing folder and rub on some Frost White shimmer paint. She has to have a little sparkle.

Glue the embossed heart to the plain heart. You probably don't have to use two layers but I feel the embossing weakens the fibers so like to add some support with the second piece.

Add a few jewels for buttons and you have your bride all ready for her groom :-)

Here are three different ones that I made.
The one on the right uses the Snowburst embossing folder. This is for a scrapbook page of a January bride who decorated with snowflakes. I used the strip of pearls to decorate it.
The center one was using the Vintage Wallpaper embossing folder. It is fun to use because there are so many ways to punch it out and have a symmetrical design. It shows how you can use just a couple pearls for buttons.
The one on the right is with the Elegant Lines embossing folder and shows another way to arrange the pearls.

Here is one of the lovely couples I made today. This is for the January bride's scrapbook pages. The groom had a white necktie and white shirt. I used Very Vanilla ribbon (did not have any Whisper White) and the tiniest pearls for the buttons. Cute couple, aren't they?

This is for another couple (actually the sister of the January bride) who got married in May. The groom at this wedding had a black bowtie so I matched that with my ribbon.

Here are a couple other options for the groom. I used Basic Gray card stock on the left and the tiniest rhinestones for the buttons. On the right I used the Basic Black Designer paper with a necktie.

These would also be great embellishments for scrapbooking prom pictures or any formal occasion.

Here is a couple using Real Red cardstock and ribbon. I used the Champagne shimmer paint to add some glitter to the dress.

Aren't these fun? Let me know if you have any other ideas for these cute couples.