Monday, January 31, 2011

Easy Baskets

These baskets are so easy to make and so cute! The two above are my favorites! The yellow one is embossed with the Square Lattice embossing folder to make it look woven. The pink one has fleurettes that I dyed using ink refills and a pearl jewel in the center.

Start with a square of card stock. Here are some measurements I used that work well. You have to score it into 3 rows of 3 squares so it works well if you use measurements that are easily divided by 3. Score each side of the square and you will wind up with the 9 squares.

3 inch square, score at 1 inch, handle 4 inches
3 3/4 inch square, score at 1 1/4 inch, handle 5 inches
4 1/2 inch square, score at 1 1/2 inch, handle 6 inches
5 1/4 inch square, score at 1 3/4 inch, handle 7 inches
6 inch square, score at 2 inch, handle 8 inches
Emboss the square if desired. Here I used the Elegant Lines embossing folder. It is easier to score the lines

Fold all the score lines in the same direction.

Cut the score lines to the intersecting line on two opposite sides.

Round the four corners using the corner punch.

Fold up the corners on the sides that were cut until they overlap. Secure with a little Tombow glue.

Using the 1/16 inch punch, make a hole on either side to attach the handle.

Punch a hole at the ends of the handle at about 1/4 inch from the edge. I also embossed the handle. It was too long to get embossed the whole length so after I ran it through the first time, I turned it 180 degrees and embossed the other end, just pushing it through enough to meet what was already embossed.

Put brads through the basket and handle and you are done! These are nice because the handle can be pushed to one side and they stack inside each other for storage. Wouldn't these be cute with candy in them or a bunch for Easter full of jelly beans?