Sunday, November 24, 2013

DSP Starburst

DSP Starburst

Supplies - DSP, a variety of designs with coordinating colors. 
Coordinating ribbon, fairly wide
Stamps, ink and other embellishments as desired

Cut DSP into 4 x 1 5/8  inch rectangles.

Cut each rectangle diagonally to form two triangles.  I line up the opposite points in the cutting trough and cut.

This will give you two triangles.   And since the back side is a different pattern, you have 2 of the 8 triangles needed for this technique.

Here are my 8 triangles from the DSP Birthday Basics.  Quite a variety of colors and patterns.
 I used a scrap of card stock with a straight edge and made a horizonal line on the card front (3 1/2 x 4 3/4).  You can make sure you have the line equidistant from the edge by using the grid on the paper. Line up the card front piece on the base line of the grid paper and line up the edge of the scrap paper with the grid lines.  I used 1 1/4 inch.

Draw your line - this will help with placement of the triangles. The line will be covered.

Place the DSP strips along the line but do not adhere yet.  You can play and rearrange until you get exactly the look you like.

I had numerous that had up and down to their design (ballons, bakes, candles and party hats) so I moved them around trying to get them to look just right.
 Take the first triangle and add adhesive to the wrong side.  Place the narrow tip along the horizontal line with the tip where you want the center of your starburst.
Take the second triangle and adhere to the card stock next to the first triangle. Place the edges right next to each other but not overlapping. 

Continue until all 8 triangles have been added.  The last one should come out on the horizontal line or very close to it.  You can cover up the little difference with a ribbon.
This is the back.  Trim around the card stock to remove the excess DSP.
The trimmed card stock will look like this.   Wrap a ribbon around the card stock at the horizontal line.  I cut the ribbon about 2 inches longer than the length of the card stock.
Wrap about an inch behind on one side and secure with transparent tape.

Making sure the ribbon is straight on the front, wrap the other end behind the card stock and adhere with tape. 
Add a ribbon along the horizontal line.  This will help hide any gap between the last triangle and the horizontal line.   Decorate the bottom section as desired and layer it on card stock and a card base. 

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